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Connectivity, Free International Calls, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and More – All in One Smartphone App.


The app provides a new revenue stream and communications channel for hotels, airlines, travel management companies, loyalty programs, and other travel supplier partners that offer it to their clients. Infinitely customizable, the app displays the partner’s brand and allows for direct communication with the client for information, sales, and marketing. Through the app, a supplier can promote a special offer, encourage a future booking, send an alert about changes or disruptions, or let the client place a direct (and free) call to customer support.

With this app, international travelers will no longer have to purchase expensive international data plans, incur sky-high roaming charges, shock from unintended data usage, or spend precious vacation time hunting down local SIM cards or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. The app lets travelers stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues — and use all their web-enabled smartphone apps — in more than 100 countries around the world. Global travelers will be able to use their smartphones just as they do at home, confident in the service’s cost, security, and reliability.


Improve the business value

  • Improving customer experience/satisfaction
  • Immediate positive financial impact
  • Additional opportunities to upsell
  • Opportunity to contact with your customer mid-trip
  • Stand out and distinguish your services from the competition
  • Increase customer loyalty program
  • No logistics required; 100% digital
  • Guaranteed edge over competitors with a tailored product

We make traveling easier and safer

  • Worldwide free calls
  • Internet Wi-Fi and Hotspot up to 5 devices
  • Online GPS (turn-by-turn navigation)
  • Benefit from our Tickets and Discounts (spend less on your tickets and avoid lines)
  • City Guide (Food & drinks, attractions, stores, drug stores, parking, ATM’s, etc.)
  • Language Translator, Currency converter and more features to help your customers
  • Free calls to Assistance, Helpdesk and City Guide Contents
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